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Ceramic Coatings offer some of the best protection for your investment. It's almost like a layer of glass that bonds to your vehicles clear coat stopping the aging process and protecting it against things like UV rays, bugs, bird droppings,  water spots, chemical stains and much more. All of these things can cause permanent damage or leave you with expensive repairs. It will also help keep your vehicle clean! Ceramic coatings have hydrophobic properties so it repels water and makes it hard for dirt to stick to the surface.


Depending on what coating you choose they can last anywhere from two to ten years! All of our coatings come with a warranty and are registered with CARFAX to show that your vehicle has been professionally coated.


There is a lot of prep work involved in installing ceramic coatings. For this reason we must inspect every vehicle before giving a price. If you would like to schedule your free consultation please fill out our request form or give us a call!  

ceramic coating
3 year ceramic coating
two year ceramic coating
nissan gtr ceramic coating
dodge challenger ceramic coating
5 year ceramic coating
dodge challeneger ceramic coating
ceramic coating
lifetime ceramic coating
ceramic coating
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